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We are the Assembly and Installation Service You can Trust 

BlueFiks Pros is a leading provider of various assembly and installation services based in Southern California. We specialize in Pergola and Gazebo Installations and building, Playground Installation, TV Mounting, Art Installation and Wall HangingFurniture Assembly and Fitness Equipment Assembly services, and many more. Please click HERE to learn about all of our services. 


Many residents and business owners in various states and cities have put their trust in BlueFiks Pros for their assembly and installation needs. Our team works with you throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction and maintain your confidence. As a company, we aim to provide a level of service that exceeds all expectations in terms of professionalism, integrity, and effectiveness.  From the simplest to the most intricate task, we make sure that the satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.

 BlueFiks Pros aims to finish each project in a timely-manner and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and costumer satisfaction, we are always striving to meet and exceed your expectations. 

 All throughout our website and in the Service pages you can view photos of our finished tasks and projects from sophisticated Jungle Gyms and Playground Installation, to intricate Fitness Equipment Assembly, TV Installation, and elaborate Pergola and Gazebo installations. 

Contact us today to see how we an help you with your special project. 

Reasons to Choose BlueFiks Pros



We are reliable handyman and assembly service that operates with up-to-date licenses.

Various Skills


We are competent working with various materials, fabrics, components, surfaces and building materials. We bring our own tools and are knowledgeable with various terrains. 



We are covered. You will not be held liable should an accident occur. 

Professional Service


BlueFiks holds to the standards of integrity and accountability.  It is our job to assure you are completely satisfied with the results. We are confident to offer your satisfaction guaranteed.  



BlueFiks Pros Handyman Services have worked with hundreds of projects and tasks.



Your project will be completed in a timely manner with superior results. We offer competitive rates and professional service for every task. Click on Book Now to view our rates!

Outdoor living space has developed over time, and we are committed to furnishing you with the most incredible options for your location and budget.


Do you want a backyard installation that will last as long as the remembrances you make? BlueFiks Pros Pergola and Gazebo Installations deliver long-lasting, weather-resistant outdoor living spaces for years of enjoyment with family and friends.






Allow your creativity to go wild while transforming an empty yard or neglected deck into your favorite room in the house. The proper paver Pergola area offers an enticing outdoor setting in your backyard.

It expands your living space, whether you like a refreshing breakfast outside as the sun rises or romantic al fresco meals by candlelight. Your new Pergola and Gazebo allow you to enjoy your company and the surroundings while remaining in the comforts of your own home.

Make your backyard your new favorite room in the house with a pergola installed by BlueFiks Pros. We provide Pergola and Gazebo Installations in diverse styles and materials.

We Build Jungle Gyms
and do Playground Installation

Whether you desire a simple Basketball Hoop Installation, or an ornate backyard playground built BlueFiks Pros has all the experience. Do you need a Swing Set Installer? We specialize in simple Swing Set Installation, to spectacular children's playset construction, and the installation of elaborate indoor jungle gyms that will sure to bring big smiles. 

BlueFiks also provides commercial Playground Installation services for small businesses, restaurants, apartment complexes, schools, parks, churches, and home associations. We serve many large cities. Our Handyman Los Angeles locals call on to build Los Angeles swing sets will also service the greater Southern California region from San Diego to the Bay Area. We are also a premier swing set installer for Houston, Atlanta, New Jersey, and St. Louis. 

Whatever service you desire, whether an elaborate swing set installation or a simple basketball hoop installation  you or your business is in need of, BlueFiks Pros is your service provider! Call today to learn more about how we can help your space become all that you desire! If your desired service is not mentioned here just ask us if we will do it. Chances are we do!