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We build, assemble and install playgrounds, jungle gyms and swing sets

  • 2 hr
  • Starting at $349
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

At BlueFiks Pros, we specialize in a wide range of playground installations and assembly including simple swing sets, spectacular playsets, and even elaborate indoor jungle gyms. We can install, assemble or build any type of playground for you, whether you bought a playset to be assembled from a retailer or you desire us to build it specifically for you. FREE INSTANT QUOTE ? Just Send a TEXT or CALL : (661) 416-8008 Count on BlueFiks Pros to provide you with friendly and professional assemblers who know how to assemble jungle gyms and playgrounds whether indoor or outdoor. We are your go-to pros for anything from basketball hoop installation to more complex playset installations. Whether you need playground installation, swing set installation, or any other type of playset assembled and installed, we are your trusted and dependable provider. It is important to hire a swing set installer to assemble your child's playground equipment in order to ensure a safe and proper build. Our attention to detail means we assemble the equipment as if we were building it for our own children. Safety is our number one priority when it comes to assembling playground equipment for children. As a professional swing set installation service we must consider a number of factors when installing your playground equipment. Important Factors such as: - Size and shape of the playset in relation to location of installation. - Overall playground layout ensuring ground is level and ready - Ensuring you have the proper base, padding or boarder - Certify the quality of the playset - Verify that there are no missing parts - Examine the final build for any potential hazards As a commercial swing set installer and basketball hoop installation service for small businesses, restaurants, apartment complexes, schools, parks, churches, and home associations there are other factors we must consider. These include the number of children who may be using the playground at the same time, the ages of the children who will use the playground equipment, and any children with special needs who may be using the playground grounds at the same time. Also, those supervising must be able to quickly and easily access any children that may be experiencing an emergency. Our BlueFiks Playground installation pros build in metropolitan New Jersey, St. Louis, Atlanta, Dallas as well as Los Angeles Swing sets that kids are sure to enjoy. View our galleries and call BlueFiks Pros today!

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