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Transforming Your Space: Art Installation and Wall Hanging Tips and Services

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Your house is a blank canvas, ready to be filled with art that expresses your individuality and flair. Whether you're a seasoned art collector or just starting out, effective art installation and wall hanging may make or break your space's transformation into a piece of art. This article will look at strategies and services to help you improve your home design.

Choosing the Right Art

Begin by picking the proper items for your room before plunging into an art installation. Consider your room's color palette, size, and theme. Art should enhance your house decor while giving a personal touch. For a more diverse look, don't be afraid to blend different styles.

Measuring and Planning

When it comes to art installation, precise measuring is essential. Take measurements of your wall space as well as the size of your artwork. Make a paper layout design to see how the elements will go together. This phase assures a balanced layout by avoiding excessive gaps.

Positioning and Eye Level

The typical rule for hanging art is to place it at eye level, which is around 57 to 60 inches from the floor. This can, however, change based on the height of your ceilings and the size of your furniture. Aim for a harmonic connection with the elements around you.

Grouping Artwork

Group smaller items together to create a gallery-style look. You may organize the items in a grid, cluster, or salon-style layout. Remember to keep the spacing between the frames consistent for visual balance. Experiment with several layouts until you discover one that you like.

Grouping small items together to create a style

Professional Art Installation Services

While DIY art installation can be satisfying, professional services such as those we provide can save you time and assure accuracy. We specialize in art installation and wall hanging, offering professional placement and arrangement advice. Professional installers have the skills and knowledge necessary to safely display your artwork, removing any chance of harm.

Anchoring and Hardware

For larger or heavier items, proper anchoring is critical. Use wall anchors and hardware made specifically for your wall type (drywall, plaster, brick, etc.). The hardware you choose is determined by the weight and size of your artwork. Professionals will understand exactly what is required for a safe installation.


The attractiveness of your painting may be enhanced by using proper lighting. To highlight your artwork, consider track lighting, wall sconces, or picture lights. You may spotlight individual pieces or regions of your collection with adjustable lighting.

Enhanced Wall Artwork by Using Proper Lighting

Regular Maintenance

After your artwork has been displayed, it must be maintained on a regular basis. To keep your artwork looking beautiful, dust and clean it. Check the hanging hardware on a regular basis to ensure that everything is secure.

Your Trusted Installation Service

We are the renowned name you can rely on for art installation and wall hanging. Based in Southern California, they are a major provider of different assembly and installation services. We specialize in Pergola and Gazebo Installations, Playground Installation, TV Mounting, Art Installation and Wall Hanging, Furniture Assembly, Fitness Equipment Assembly, and other services to convert your area into a work of art.


Art installation and wall hanging are important home décor components that may dramatically change your home. Whether you choose the DIY route or use professional services like BlueFiks, the objective is to strike a balance between originality and precision. Your house will become a gallery of self-expression, expressing your own style and personality with the correct art and competent installation.

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