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TV Mounting Dos and Don'ts: Ensuring a Perfect Setup

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Setting up your TV can be a game-changer for your home entertainment experience. Whether you're gearing up for a film night, watching a marathon, or your favorite series, a very well-mounted TV adds a touch of sophistication to your space. Nonetheless, achieving the perfect setup includes something beyond picking the right spot for your wall. How about we analyze the dos and don'ts of TV mounting to guarantee you take advantage of your viewing experience?


Plan Your Viewing Height:

Consider eye level while planning the height of your TV. The ideal height is for the watcher's eye; the better it is for the level when seated. This guarantees a comfortable and vivid viewing experience.

Choose the Right Wall Mount

Choose the Right Wall Mount

Put resources into a great wall mount that is compatible with your TV's size and weight. Various mounts offer various levels of slant and turn, so choose one that suits your room layout and viewing inclinations.

Secure Cables Neatly

Conceal and secure cables for a clean and organized look. The better the cable is, the stronger the connections are. It is also important to Utilize cable management, which answers to avoid a tangled wreck and create a clean appearance.

Check Wall Surface

Guarantee the wall where you plan to mount your TV can uphold the weight. BlueFiks technicians, experts in TV mounting, can assess and mount TVs on various surfaces, including concrete, block, drywall, metal studs, stone, and more.

Professional Installation

Think about professional installation for a flawless setup. Experienced technicians, similar to those with us, can handle TVs of all brands and models, ensuring a secure and exact mounting process.


Avoid Unstable Walls

Don't mount your TV on walls that are unstable or inclined to vibrations. This can lead to an unsafe setup and may affect your viewing experience.

Skip Stud Finders

Don't skip utilizing a stud locater to locate wall studs. Mounting your TV straightforwardly into the studs guarantees stability and prevents the gamble of the TV falling.

Neglect Cable Management

Neglect Cable Management

Don't neglect cable management. Uncovered cables can create a muddled look and may represent a stumbling hazard. Take an opportunity to secure and conceal cables for a smooth completion.

DIY without Experience

Avoid DIY mounting, assuming that you lack experience. Ill-advised installation can damage your TV, walls, or both. Our technicians offer skills of real value, ensuring a safe and professional setup.

Overlook Power Sources

Don't overlook access to power sources. Guarantee that there's a nearby power source for your TV. If necessary, talk with professionals to handle any electrical requirements during installation.


In the mission for a perfect TV setup, adherence to the dos and avoidance of don'ts is crucial. BlueFiks is an exceptional and knowledgeable choice with regard to master TV mounting services. Our professionals are qualified and prepared to work with TVs of all brands, models, and sizes mounted on all sorts of walls. In the event that you're looking for a top-notch and dependable TV mounting administration, BlueFiks is the right place.

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