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Which Furniture Assembly Services Is Right for You

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

When buying furniture from one of the greatest online furniture retailers, a box full of components rather than an entire piece of furniture may soon show up at the door. Online searches for "how to build a desk," "how to construct a bed," and potentially even "TV stand assembly service near me" could result from that. Many large businesses and handyman services offer furniture assembly services and will come to a person's house to assemble any items. Consider criteria other than price to choose the ideal expert or business for the job, including the simplicity of scheduling, retail relationships, technician liability insurance, and more.

1. Schedule and Service Area

You can easily find a lot of furniture assembly businesses nationally. Nonetheless, a client should confirm that the business they are considering provides services exclusively for their ZIP code. Some businesses claim to be accessible in a certain state, yet they might just be in one state's metro area. For customers to determine whether a service can travel to their location, the majority of services include a ZIP code search tool.

Also, a lot of these online or mobile platforms let prospective clients quickly speak with a specialist or customer care representative to address any issues, which may be especially useful when determining which business to use.

2. Retailer Collaborations

Via agreements with furniture assembly businesses, a number of brick-and-mortar stores and online shops might provide furniture assembly as an extra service at the time of purchase. Also, customers will find it convenient to buy the furniture all at once and pay professionals to assemble it.

3. Price Framework

Many furniture assembly businesses have different pricing structures. When consumers order numerous goods to be constructed simultaneously, discounts might be available. There can be a minimum number of hours that must be completed by service providers who bill by the hour. Customers will therefore be responsible for the whole price even if a work doesn't take that long. Smaller assembly jobs may incur higher costs as a result of this.

4. Supplemental Services

Beyond only assembling furniture, several businesses also provide services like junk removal. These services might be useful if a client needs to replace an old piece of furniture and needs to move the old piece to create way for the new one. Several companies that assemble furniture could also provide moving aid, like packing or unpacking services. Customers that use these extra services may find it useful to manage several appointments on one platform, maybe all at the same appointment time.

5. Insurance for Technicians

Setting up furniture or managing large, hefty goods might lead to accidents. The technician and the customer are further protected by liability insurance in the event that something goes wrong during the assembling procedure. Also, many businesses could provide a labor guarantee, promising to stand behind any work done by their personnel and providing no-cost repairs in the event that any mistakes are made.


Life can throw curveballs, necessitating the need to reschedule or cancel appointments. If you need to suddenly cancel an appointment, take a look at the business' cancellation policies. In some circumstances, even if appointments are canceled 24 hours in advance, customers can still be required to pay the bill—or a portion of it. Based in Southern California, BlueFiks Pros is a top supplier of a range of construction and installation services.

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